Applications include:
  Cardboard • Foam • Paper • Plastic • Rubber

Model: C0043
This device is intended for preparation of circular / square / rectangle test pieces 
with uniform edges. It is pneumatic, for easy operation, and repetitious sample cutting.

• Front paper load for easy operation
• One or more sheets can be cut simultaneously
• Punch and Die made from tempered alloy steel
• Safety Guard
• Grammage range: 35 to 1,000gsm
• Thickness: Up to 4mm thick
• Cutter sizes selection: 100cm2; 38.1x70mm; 62x50mm; 63x53mm; 50x62mm;
38x70mm; 15x100mm

C0050 Series

The Pneumatic Cutting Press is fast and easy to operate, great for cutting of various different sized pieces, allowing a large range of dies to be used with the Cutting Press. Cutting dies can be fixed onto the moving top plate, or sit directly onto the sample, allowing the user to change the dies with ease.

• 3 or 10 tonne capacity
• Cutting area: 300mm x 300mm
• 95mm daylight (clearance from press plate to cutting board)
• Front load for easy operation


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