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IDM Instruments - The power of flexibility: a company's strategy for growth

IDM Instruments was recently featured in the June edition of the Manufacturers' Monthly 2018 Magazine, detailing how IDM's flexible and diverse approaches in product development and services has enabled us to meet customer needs.  The full article text is as below: The power of flexibility: a company’s strategy for growth Manufacturers’ Monthly spoke to IDM Instruments managing director, Tommy Halmos, on how flexibility and diversity in product development and services has helped the company
meet customer needs.
THE by the Australian Manufacturing Growth Centre, latest report published (AMGC) in April this year, titled “Building resilience in Australian Manufacturing,” recommended three strategies to all manufacturers seeking to improve their  performance: superiority, diversity and flexibility.  The report suggested that flexible firms have agile business structures that allow them to shift their production towards adjacent industries and products to maximise their profits. Manufact…