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F0023 - Digital Foam Porosity Tester

The Digital Foam Porosity Tester is an instrument for monitoring the porosity of flexible cellular polyurethane. The machine determines the ease with which air passes through a cellular structure. Airflow values may be used as an indirect measurement of certain cell structure characteristics.

A flexible cellular test piece, 50mm x 50mm x 25mm, is placed in a cavity over a vacuum chamber and a specified constant differential air pressure is created. The rate of airflow required to maintain this pressure, is the airflow value. 

The Foam Porosity Digital Tester meets the following standards:

• AS 2282.14
• ASTM D3574 - Test G
• ISO 7231
• BS EN ISO 7231
• DIN EN ISO 7231
• EN ISO 7231

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F0025 - Universal Testing Machine

The Universal Testing Machine has been specially designed and manufactured to perform tests in both compression and tensile, without having to change the attachments.

The universal measurement of firmness and hardness is based on a physical property called the indentation force deflection (IFD). It is calculated by determining the force required to deflect a test piece a percentage of its original thickness using a circular indentor, which applies a force, while also recording the degree of indentation.

The Universal Testing Machine meets the following standards:

• ASTM D3574 – Test B
• ASTM D3574 – Test C
• ASTM D3574 – Test E
• ASTM D3574 – Test F
• AS 2281
• AS 2282.8
• ASTM F1566

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