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IDM Instruments - 2017 Trade Closure

Please note that IDM Instruments Pty Ltd will be closed for our annual holiday period from Thursday 21st December 2017 and we will return on Thursday 11th January 2018. 
Thank you for your support during 2017 and we wish you all the best for the New Year.  

Pro Wi-Fi Microscope Set from IDM

With high magnification, this is a very innovative handheld colour digital microscope with wireless transmission.    It breaks the conception of traditional microscope to obtain  measurement results, conservation, copy and transfer of  images and video which are difficult for a traditional microscope.   It is a small, easy to operate light and portable fun.  It can be used with all types of popular smartphones, tablets PCs, with the downloadable “Mic-Fi” App.   
Automotive / Mechanical Assembly Educational Research Fibre / Textiles Inspection Foam / Cellular Structure Measurement Ink / Printing / Packaging Inspection Medical Laboratory / Dermatology Plant / Wood Dissection Quality Assurance

Salt Spray Test Chambers from IDM

Salt Spray Test ChambersSA SeriesAutomotive Testing Equipment

Salt spray test chambers are designed for testing surface treatment of various materials such as coatings, galvanize, organic or inorganic film, anti-rust oil, chemical treatment of corrosion resistance etc.

Test Types:
NSS Test - Neutral Salt Spray Test
ACSS Test - Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test
CASS Test - Copper Salt Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test
Series Types:

SA-O Economical Series NSS - Button Operation
SA-P Advanced Series NSS, ACSS, CASS – Touch Screen Operation

• CNS 3627 • CNS 3885 • CNS 4159 • CNS 7669 • CNS 8866 • JIS D-0201 • H-8502 • H-8610 • K5400 • Z-2371 • ISO 3768 • ISO 3769 • ISO 3770 • ISO 9227 • ASTM B-117 • ASTM B-268 • ASTM D1735 • GB-T2423, • GJB150 • GB10587-89 • GB 2423-17 • IEC68-2-11

Visit IDM Instruments Pty Ltd at PU China 2017

PUChina takes place at the Poly World Trade Centre Expo, Guangzhou, China on 29th to 31st Aug  2017

Come Join us at our booth 985 in the Second Hall for Free testing of samples and demonstrations.
We will have the following Testing Instruments at our booth:
Foam Compression Tester - F0028 Foam Thickness Tester - F0017 Foam Porosity Tester - F0031 Portable Foam Porosity Meter - CellFlo
We will also have details on the rest of our Foam and Mattress Testing range of instruments. Tommy Halmos will be there to answer any questions you may have.

For more information, please contact:
IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd 10 - 11 Colrado Court Hallam  3803, Victoria, Australia Ph: +61 3 9708 6885 | Fax: +61 3 9708 6770 "A MEASUREABLE DIFFERENCE"

IDM is now a member of SPFA

IDM Instruments Pty Ltd is proud to have become a member of the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance. The SPFA is the collective voice for the spray polyurethane foam industry. Their experienced staff and member-comprised committees provide a wide variety of services to the industry. SPFA develops tools designed to educate and influence the construction industry with the positive benefits of spray polyurethane foam roofing, insulation, coatings, and specialty installations.

Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Gas Analyzer for Food Packaging

Professional O2 & CO2 Gas Measurement •  Flexible Packaging   •   Food Packaging   •   Pharmaceuticals
The 1637-5 Mk II Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyzer incorporates industry proven Zirconia Oxygen sensor, revised to extend sensor life, paired with a purpose built CO2 measuring cell. This unit is designed for both sample and hold measurement of modified atmosphere packaging, or for continuous monitoring. The Zirconia Oxygen sensor used in the 1637-Mk II has been used extensively in industry for over 20 years. The sensor is built in Australia by patented technology developed by the CSIRO. It has proven to be highly robust and provide virtually drift-free measurement for many years of operation. The Oxygen sensor itself can be automatically calibrated in ambient air requiring no special tools or expensive equipment. Features: ·Bluetooth  data downloading ·User programmable process alarm thresholds ® ·Large display shows Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide in real time ·Accurate, rapid response Zir…

Automated Cornell Type Tester by IDM

The Cornell Type Tester is used to test the long term capacity of bedding to resist cyclic loading.  The machine consists of a double hemispherical ram head on an adjustable shaft.  A load cell is located at the ram head to measure the force being applied to the bedding.
IDM has designed a Fully Automated Cornell Type Tester (model C0044-M2) which features: PC & Operator Prompted SoftwareAdjustable Ram HeadLoad Cell Capacity: 500lbF (2200N)Multiple safety featuresPrintable Data Sheets and Data StorageReal-time / remote PC and operational support by IDM via TeamViewer, Skype and other available sourcesThe ram head is automatically lowered so that the load/position data can be recorded for a few cycles.  This procedure is automatically performed at the start of the test and the subsequently at the end of each of the stages.

Our unique software offers automatic and/or manually adjustable parameters and a two page colour report is generated for printing.  Reports include both Load Def…

Exporter of The Year 2017 Finalist

IDM Instruments Pty Ltd

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Offering world wide support for equipment sales, calibration & service, IDM is a global leading manufacturer and supplier of quality testingsolutions for various industries. 

IDM Instruments Pty Ltd - Finalist for the 2017 International Trade & Export Award

The international exchange of goods and services is vital to world economy, and the International Trade & Export Awards 2017 are dedicated to recognising the achievements of trade, export and import firms across the globe.
Chosen through a combination of votes gathered from a network of respected industry partners, and rigorous in-house research conducted by Trade-Monthly, IDM is proud to have received recognition as a finalist for the 2017 International Trade & Export Award.
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Quality Foam & Mattress Testing Instruments


PU Tech Asia 2017

Visit IDM's Thailand representative, Calserve (Thailand) Co., Ltd, at the upcoming PU Tech Asia Expo Located at the Bangkok International trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand, this year's expo is running 11th to 12th July. PU Tech Asia 2017 is aimed to be "Southeast Asia's Polyurethane Industry Meeting Point"

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2017 finalist - Exporter of The Year

IDM Instruments Pty Ltd has been selected as a finalist in the 2017 Manufacturers Monthly Endeavour Awards for "Exporter of The Year". The Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards are recognised as the premier Awards program for the Australian manufacturing industry. The program promotes, recognises and rewards excellence within the industry.

F0021 Foam Constant Load Pounding Machine


Medical / Laboratory Product Showcase

Portable Air Permeability TesterModel: 100195
This unit measures the air permeability of filter papers, nonwovens and textile fabrics within seconds. Easily transportable, this unit is ideal for monitoring material on the production line, inspecting incoming material on-site and on-going quality control in the lab. Automated testing ensures there are no user related variables. The sample is inserted into the slot, and the lever is pulled forward. This clamps the sample and begins the testing automatically. The measurement is completed in about 3 seconds, and results are shown immediately on the integrated digital display.  An RS-232 interface is able to send the test data directly to a PC.  Applications include: Nonwovens, Filter Paper, Textiles, Webbed materials.
Hand Held Particle CounterModel: 3016 The Handheld 3016 particle counter features 0.5┬Ám sensitivity and is the most advanced handheld particle counter on the market.  Providing up to 6 particle size channels of simultaneous cou…
Happy Easter! Our office will be closed from Friday 14th to Monday 17th for the Easter long weekend. We will return on Tuesday 18th April.

B0013 - Box Opening Pressure Tester

The Box Opening Pressure Tester has been designed to measure the opening force of flat stacked carton boxes. The Box Opening Pressure Tester is used for the development and quality control of cartons during production.

Model F0031 - Auto Foam Porosity Tester

The Auto FPT is used for monitoring the porosity of flexible cellular polyurethane.

The machine determines how easy air passes through a cellular structure.  Airflow values may be used as an indirect measurement of certain cell structure characteristics. The F0031 model foam porosity tester is made with reference to international standards for measurement of a flexible cellular test piece, 50mm x 50mm x 25mm, it is placed in a vacuum chamber cavity and a specified automatic constant differential air pressure is applied.

Foam & Mattress Testing Made Easy byIDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

IDM testing machines are used to test different aspects required for quality control and cost reduction of a final product, including compression, fatigue, firmness, hardness, IFD, ILD, impact, porosity,  tear, tensile, thickness.
IDM's vast range of quality foam and mattress testing equipment has made IDM a preferred supplier of many global manufacturing giants.  Our quality solutions to customer's testing requirements also include carpet underlay, foam components, latex and rubber foams.
Our mattress testing products are manufactured in accordance with applicable standards, such as ASTM F1566, American Innersprings Manufacturers (AIMA), AS 2281, AS 2282.8, ISO 3366, ISO 2439, GB EN 10807, JIS K6400
Contact IDM Instruments Pty Ltd for all your foam and mattress testing needs

Introducing the NEW Coefficient of Friction Tester series from IDM.........

Replacing the previous C0008 series is IDM's updated C0055 series Coefficient of Friction Testers.  This range includes the following models: C0055-M1   Standard COF Tester supersedes model C0008 The standard C0055-M1 unit can measure Static COF (peak) from a resting position and continue to move testing surfaces in a relative motion to give an accurate kinetic COF (dynamic) result. This model features a stationary sled with a moving plane and also comes with the option of computer software to record data.  Peel Testing can also be carried out on this unit.
C0055-M2   COF Tester with Variable Speed supersedes model C0008-VS  The C0055-M2 model has all the same features as the C0055-M1 with the addition of variable speed from 50 – 300mm/min using a stepper motor for acuate variable speed control. Once a test is completed and the sample has been unloaded, the unit will return to the start point “HOME” ready for the next test. Controls are via an LCD touch screen for stop, start, home …

G0005 Gelbo Flex Tester With Particle Counter


IDM's Model H0005 - Hot Tack Tester