IDM offers comprehensive, independent material testing services for various industries

IDM is not just an equipment supplier.....we are a quality provider!
IDM Instruments Pty Ltd offers comprehensive, independent in-house testing services for various industries. Our team of expert technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art testing instruments to ensure customers are provided reliable, accurate and prompt testing results.
Customers can profit by utilising IDM’s independent testing services. Timely reports, client confidentiality, less material waste and increased profits are some of the benefits derived to customers from these in-house testing services.

Some examples of independent testing services supplied by IDM include:

  • Foam Industry: IFD / compression, hardness, porosity, resilience, thickness.
  • Mattress Industry: Cornell, IFD / compression, hardness, spring tension
  • Paper Industry: Coefficient of friction, tear, cobb moisture, paper brightness
  • Packaging Industry: Coefficient of friction, tensile, peel, crease & stiffness, gelbo flex, ink rub, hot tack

 Independent testing services provided by IDM are in accordance with national and international standards including • AS • BS • ISO • EN • DIN • GB • JIS • TAPPI • ASTM

Rental of some equipment is also available to domestic customers. Contact IDM to discuss your specific applications or to request a quotation.


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