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Cobb Moisture Testing with IDM

Cobb Moisture Absorption Test Ring & Roller
This method for measuring water absorption of sized papers is used all over the world. A dry test piece of suitable paper is placed under the cylinder. The 100ml of water is poured over the test piece.

After a specified time the water is poured off and the test piece is placed on standardized blotting paper. Another blotting paper is placed on top of the test piece and the excess water is removed by means of the roller.

The test piece is then weighed again and the results are calculated and reported as absorption in grams per m2, according to the standard method.

ESM750S gets a Big Brother

The recently introduced ESM750S 750 lbF / 3.4 kN tension / compression test stand is a proud Big Brother. Welcome Model ESM750, an extended length version test stand with the same height and travel specifications as the ESM1500.
This test stand provides a niche solution for lower force, higher travel & higher clearance applications. ESM1500 and ESM750 single-column force testers are highly configurable solutions for tension and compression measurement applications, with capacities of 1,500 lbF (6.7 kN) and 750 lbF (3.4 kN), respectively. With generous travel and clearance, they are suitable for break testing, cycling, limit testing to a load or distance, loadholding, elongation testing, tensile testing, compression testing, and more. Satisfy various test methods through an intuitive menu with selectable test parameters, such as speed, number of cycles, etc. Up to 50 profiles may be saved and password protected. Crosshead positioning for sample setup is a breeze with available Fol…


  Applications include:   Cardboard • Foam • Paper • Plastic • Rubber

Pneumatic Sample Cutter Model: C0043 This device is intended for preparation of circular / square / rectangle test pieces  with uniform edges. It is pneumatic, for easy operation, and repetitious sample cutting.
• Front paper load for easy operation • One or more sheets can be cut simultaneously • Punch and Die made from tempered alloy steel • Safety Guard • Grammage range: 35 to 1,000gsm • Thickness: Up to 4mm thick • Cutter sizes selection: 100cm2; 38.1x70mm; 62x50mm; 63x53mm; 50x62mm; 38x70mm; 15x100mm
Pneumatic Cutting Presses C0050 Series
The Pneumatic Cutting Press is fast and easy to operate, great for cutting of various different sized pieces, allowing a large range of dies to be used with the Cutting Press. Cutting dies can be fixed onto the moving top plate, or sit directly onto the sample, allowing the user to change the dies with ease.
• 3 or 10 tonne capacity • Cutting area: 300mm x 300mm • 95mm dayl…

IDM offers comprehensive, independent material testing services for various industries

IDM is not just an equipment supplier.....we are a quality provider! IDM Instruments Pty Ltd offers comprehensive, independent in-house testing services for various industries. Our team of expert technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art testing instruments to ensure customers are provided reliable, accurate and prompt testing results. Customers can profit by utilising IDM’s independent testing services. Timely reports, client confidentiality, less material waste and increased profits are some of the benefits derived to customers from these in-house testing services. Some examples of independent testing services supplied by IDM include: Foam Industry: IFD / compression, hardness, porosity, resilience, thickness.Mattress Industry: Cornell, IFD / compression, hardness, spring tensionPaper Industry: Coefficient of friction, tear, cobb moisture, paper brightnessPackaging Industry: Coefficient of friction, tensile, peel, crease & stiffness, gelbo flex, ink rub, hot tack
Independent tes…