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World's Smallest String Pot Now Available

Introducing the world's smallest string pot!
The new M150 string pot has a range of 1.5 inches, fits into tiny spaces and is the perfect position sensing solution for a variety of applications such as robotics, biomedical, aerospace testing and automotive applications. 

 Size and Durability The M150 transducer's aluminium body measures just .74 x .74 x .38 inches and uses a .014-inch diameter nylon-coated stainless steel measuring cable. The M150 offers extremely durable construction and a high degree of reliability, with constant tension and fully retractable stainless steel measuring cable that easily attaches to the object under motion. Installation is quick and easy since cable alignment is not a requirement for efficient and effective use. The movement of the M150's internal spring-loaded spool turns the potentiometer which, when connected to a voltage source, produces a voltage directly proportional to the position of the measuring cable.

This string…