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Introducing the NEW Coefficient of Friction Tester series from IDM.........

Replacing the previous C0008 series is IDM's updated C0055 series Coefficient of Friction Testers.  This range includes the following models: C0055-M1   Standard COF Tester supersedes model C0008 The standard C0055-M1 unit can measure Static COF (peak) from a resting position and continue to move testing surfaces in a relative motion to give an accurate kinetic COF (dynamic) result. This model features a stationary sled with a moving plane and also comes with the option of computer software to record data.  Peel Testing can also be carried out on this unit.
C0055-M2   COF Tester with Variable Speed supersedes model C0008-VS  The C0055-M2 model has all the same features as the C0055-M1 with the addition of variable speed from 50 – 300mm/min using a stepper motor for acuate variable speed control. Once a test is completed and the sample has been unloaded, the unit will return to the start point “HOME” ready for the next test. Controls are via an LCD touch screen for stop, start, home …

G0005 Gelbo Flex Tester With Particle Counter


IDM's Model H0005 - Hot Tack Tester