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Advancements in Foam Porosity Measurement

The first version of IDM Instruments’ Foam Porosity Tester F0016 was designed and released in the 1980s, in accordance with global industry standards, and was used to determine the ease with which air passed through a cellular structure, namely foam, by comparing the relationship between pressure and flow when subjected to different foam samples. It used vacuum chambers with manometers and was controllable via a manual dial to fine tune flow. This version was purely analogue and required fine use of the dial and flow tubes to be able to give accurate test results. Due to the purely analog design, it was difficult to achieve accurate yet repeatable test results.

After more design and upgrades, the second version Foam Porosity Tester F0023was released in late 2001. Once againimproving the accuracy of foam porosity testing. This model boasted variable flow ranges, allowing for more ranges of conditions of testing foam porosities. A huge feature of this model was the addition of an optiona…