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New Tetrapod Abrasion Tester Just Developed by IDM Instruments

We have just completed an update to our popular Tetrapod Abrasion Tester allowing our customers to test samples of textile floor coverings to the internationally recognised ISO/TR 6131 standard, as well as improving the safety of its operation. Tests are completed for materials with a thickness of up to 20mm.
The Tetrapod tester allows the user to test the mechanical action on surface texture of textile carpet. A cylindrical drum, lined with specimens and containing the tetrapod, is rotated the required number of times so that the tetrapod ‘walks’ over the specimens.

The Tetrapod Abrasion Tester features a five digit counter, safety enclosure, a 1000g tetrapod and drums spinning at fifty revolutions per minute. The machine can be manufactured for mains power of 220V or 110V depending on the country that it is meant to be used in. It also comes with an optional cutting template that allows the user to quickly cut the sample to be tested, saving time in measuring and marking before proc…