Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Gas Analyzer for Food Packaging

Professional O2 & CO2 Gas Measurement
•  Flexible Packaging   •   Food Packaging   •   Pharmaceuticals

The 1637-5 Mk II Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyzer incorporates industry proven Zirconia Oxygen sensor, revised to extend sensor life, paired with a purpose built CO2 measuring cell.
This unit is designed for both sample and hold measurement of modified atmosphere packaging, or for continuous monitoring.
The Zirconia Oxygen sensor used in the 1637-Mk II has been used extensively in industry for over 20 years. The sensor is built in Australia by patented technology developed by the CSIRO. It has proven to be highly robust and provide virtually drift-free measurement for many years of operation. The Oxygen sensor itself can be automatically calibrated in ambient air requiring no special tools or expensive equipment.
·  Bluetooth  data downloading
·  User programmable process alarm thresholds ®
·  Large display shows Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide in real time
·  Accurate, rapid response Zirconia O2 sensor: 1ppm to 100%
·  Sturdy non-dispersive Infrared CO2 sensor, 0 to 100%
·  Very low maintenance
·  Internal storage for 3680 samples
·  4 x field programmable output relays
·  2 x fully isolated range programmable
·  4-20mA outputs


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