PAPER INDUSTRY TESTING SOLUTIONS (Cobb Testing - Spectrophotomer - Conditioning Cabinet)


Cobb Moisture Test Rings & Rollers

Model:   C0005 & C0006

This method for measuring water absorption of sized papers is used  all over the world.  A dry test piece of paper is placed under the cylinder and 100ml of water is poured over the test piece.  After following test procedures, the sample is then weighed again and the results  are calculated and reported as absorptiveness in grams per m2, according to the standard method.  Ring sizes available: 100cm2, 50cm2, 25cm2, 10cm2


Model:   ColorTouch PC 

The ColorTouch measures colour evaluation, brightness, fluorescence, whiteness & opacity.  A Windows based software package operates the ColorTouch PC.  This unique software provides the operator ultimate flexibility to develop and design specific operational presentations.  The unit also provides capabilities for analysing data from several different measurements and evaluating historical trends.

Rapid Conditioning Cabinet

Model:   R0013 

The Rapid Conditioning Cabinet pre-conditions paper samples in an approximate 30 minute period, to standard laboratory environment conditions by using the Laboratory air as the final conditioning process,  prior to physical testing.


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